About Us

<p>GLS is distinguished by high criteria and outstanding performance in all different scholastic stages, starting from kg till secondary stage. </p> <p>GLS is continues to attract more and more student, every year heading for summit which we aspire and nothing else.</p> <p> The school provides highly educational environment creating educational and social climate thanks to distinctive management supported by highly qualified staff devoting itself for its work and benefits from its mistakes. In addition to good education concentrating on physical, mental and scientific welfare GLS cares about through the various playgrounds and discovering artistic talents and abilities among its students. </p> <p>GLS also provides various and different labs for science, computer and multimedia that cope up with the recent technological development</p> <p>GLS has some sort of abilities to advance and raise the standard of understanding for its students creating an atmosphere that motivates the students to gain more knowledge through the most recent multimedia used in the educational process within air – conditioned classes.</p> <p>This is concrete through its students getting the first awards all over the educational directorate in different activities and scholastic gaining. Besides, there is a highly qualified training staff in the fields of human and educational resources for school students, teachers and officials.</p> <p>We'd like to invite you to visit this educational site asking Allah that you'll find the information you expect, accepting all your kind suggestions that serve our dear students through modern educational principles.</p> .